Happy Steak and BJ Day!

steak and bj dayMarch 14th marks the annual Steak and BJ Day or the male version of Valentine’s Day. Personally, this is my favorite non-hallmark holiday because the expectation of this day is displayed in the title. Simplicity should be valued and showing your appreciation to a deserving man is what this day is all about! I implore women and men world wide to show your gratitude for that special person being apart of your life. The number one complaint I receive from men is their deep feelings of under appreciation from their female partners. Their lamentation stems from societies expectation for the proper accommodation of females need and wants.  Now, I agree with this statement because any female knows her need and wants should be accommodated in terms of a romantic relationship. However, sometimes I do believe that we drop the ball when it comes to making sure our partner is  just as satisfied as we are. It’s important to be mindful of the ebb and flow of any relationship. It takes two to create harmony between both parties. So it’s important to make every effort count to someone you trust is worth it. So let today be the day men open up your mouth and ladies open up your throat and let the love and appreciation just Flow!

Falling in Love

falling in loveEveryone wants to fall in love. It doesn’t matter who you are or how many times you’ve been “hurt”. As human we have this natural ability to desire connectedness to one another. We live interdependent of each other and we depend on other’s goods and services to survive. Our societies are built upon the labourers of men and women to keep everyone a float and that includes emotional involvement. Some people like to negate  the fact that we depend on one another to help with our emotional turmoil. The bad break-ups, the dysfunctional family, the fall outs of friends, etc.. How else are we able to process these emotional events and make them a part of our  life’s transition? We do that by opening up, trusting and embracing complete strangers. All the pain that one person caused can be/ is healed by another.  Anything we lack we naturally look to compensate by engaging in certain activities, meeting someone new, buying a pet, etc.. But we never stop needing one another. So, when it comes to falling in love it’s taking that want and that desire one step closer. Love is such an ambiguous term based upon one’s perception, social conditioning and life’s experiences. So one person’s version of falling in love may not look like another, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. However, the trick in understanding if a love is right is one that compliments you both internally and externally. What you feel in the inside must match what you see and both parties must agree. If a disconnect does occur, then you’ll always feel it first before you’ll see it. The reason why that happens is because when you fall in love you’re connected with that person on a cellular level. Some connections are better than others, but the connection is there all the same. This is why you can sometimes feel when something is off with your partner, or just know that their behavior is very auspicious even when you may not have any evidence to declare the truth in your suspicion. So trusting your instincts and feelings are everything. Plus, not being afraid to communicate and expunge your vulnerabilities is another.  So embrace the reality of love and exercise the freedom of being who you are and cherish their acceptance of just that.

“The Sex Sense”

First, let me begin this entry with an apology for my long awaited absence. I anticipate August being a hot and steamy month for what I have in store! and I’m going to top it off with my coined topic of “The Sex Sense.” Now in celebration leading up to The National Sex Month in September, better known as “Sextember,” I would like to introduce different techniques to extrapolate all five senses. The purpose of these techniques are to get  a workout of your senses in preparation in the following month ahead. It is the act of being more present and mindful in conjunction with sexual activity, as well as discovering a new level of intimacy and eroticism with yourself and the person or people you decide to share it with. Each week I will introduce a different technique accompanied with a different sense that I want you to focus on. What I am introducing is a form of meditation that I want you to harmonize your energies toward. Just as some Buddhist concentrate on the breath as their source in intensifying their practice; so too you will utilize each technique in order to intensify the sensitivity to each new experience that lies a head.