Love at A Time of War…

War is such an ugly condition of the human race. Whether, it’s The War on Terrorism or the war within ourselves; it brings together two opposing forces that will never win. War, no matter who’s fighting will never solve the problem if sacrifices must be made. One cannot become whole if a limb must be sacrificed. Wars are not won that way and the battle only exist to satisfy the egoic mind. The underlying truth to war is the explosion of unsatisfaction within ourselves and others. We will always lose as a race if the problems we address are the ones produced superficially. Manifestation starts within, our reality is within, our emotions, secrets, pain, distrust, unworthiness all lies within. We live in a world where pain and suffering is the norm which manifest into such horrific crimes, losses and heart breaks. love at a time of warSometimes it’s difficult to see what is true compassion and love, but at times one may get a glimpse or a moment when the chaos is at its worse. Beauty is everywhere and sometime the most beautiful moments happen when the unhappiness almost engulfs your Spirit. There is something so beautiful about being held when you were ready to give up or staring into the eyes of a stranger with such gratitude when moments before you thought all was loss. In order to heal, compassion must exist; it’s depended upon the survival of our hearts and achieving true enlightenment.

“The Sex Sense”:(Hearing) National Sex Month

So I’m pairing the final “Sex Sense” with this month’s celebration of Sex. Our sense of hearing is something no one should take for granted because it’s indicative to our language and speech. When sound is processed in the language part of brain, it allows a person to comprehend what they heard. According to The Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide, each hemisphere of the temporal lobe is involved in different functions of hearing.  The left hemisphere is involved in language and comprehension and the right hemisphere is involved in the creative arts such as music and enables the distinctions between sounds. However, within the Temporal Lobe is the Auditory Cortex which is responsible for auditory discrimination and recognition of different patterns of sounds according to The American- Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). So when it comes to Sex and Hearing; the two goes hand in hand. Some women need to be romanced and acquire some level of comfort with their partner. A play on words can some times be an extreme turn on for both partners! Some men desire the attention as well; they would like to know “how you like it” and “how good it feels” to assure them that they’re doing the job well! So I implore you to let each Sex have it! give them what they desire and proclaim how wild and excited they make you feel. Exercise each Sense to magnify the passion, the excitement and the gratification of each sexual experience in celebration of National Sex Month!

Technique 1 The Poet of Sex

Compose an erotic poem, song, rap or choose whatever medium you’re best at and perform your piece in front of your partner naked. You can be as creative as you want because this is your demonstration, but be sure to bring each word to life; so that your partner will never doubt the words you say would be anything but untrue.

Technique 2 Pillow Talk No More!

This technique are for those of you who doesn’t say or hear anything other than each other breathing during sex. Moan! make some kind of sexy sounds during sexual intercourse. Turn yourself on by the noises that are being created out of pleasure! say Fuck!!, Holy Shit!!, Dam it!!, Oh My Fucking ****!!!! Switch it up if this is your normal dialogue and focus on the words that are being said. Feel the excitement, arousal and the passion of this sexual “fucking” session.