“The Sex Sense”: Week 1 (Touch)

Now, as I said in my earlier post each week I will highlight one of our five senses. This week is our sense of Touch. Our sense of touch produces a very powerful physiological response that starts the acceleration of The Sexual Response Cycle. It is the catalyst that’s the driving force behind male and female sexual arousal. Many Sex Therapist have declared that foreplay for a female is Everything! Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for a man to be aroused they come ready, willing and able! However, for many women touching , kissing, caressing, whispering of soft words, and calm music performed all in a safe and sound environment is a necessity. This is the right combination that is needed for most women to have a positive sexual experience. For many men, touching and caressing is just as important because in order for men to excrete twice as much Oxytocin (the bonding hormone), they must be touched and caressed twice as much. Therefore, the power of touch is one of excitement in anticipatory pleasure for the one who’s being touched and for the one who is doing all the touching. I am introducing three techniques that I want you to try. Some or maybe all the techniques I will mention; many of you have probably already experienced. I implore you to try again, but with the intent of meditating and  focusing on your sense of Touch.

Technique 1 Blindfolded while in the shower! 

This technique is geared for two people performing this exercise together. However, this can still be practiced by a single person as well. Each partner takes turn washing the other while one is blind folded. This is very intense exercise so I would only recommend performing this technique with someone you are very comfortable with.

Technique 2 Caressed by a feather!

This technique is also geared for two people, but can still be performed by a single person. One partner will lay down on their back while the other partner takes a feather and caresses it all over the body. Being blindfolded is optional.

Technique 3  Erotic Massage

This technique is for two people. One partner lays down, face first, on their stomach while the other partner massages their entire body. The style of the massage does not matter, but both couples must be completely naked. The oils that are used does not matter and being blindfolded is optional.