“The Sex Sense” Week 2 (Sight)

Now we are back with another exciting week of exploring the senses! This week we will discuss the elicited and provocative phenomena of sight. Many of us may agree that the eyes are an important feature of the human body. Not only is it the window to the soul, but it’s also the window to sexual gratification from a visual stimuli. Men and women interpret visual stimulation differently in terms of how they express themselves sexually. Men are more visual then females due to the large amount of testosterone they secrete and their primal instincts to mate with only physically attractive fertile females. So, when it comes to sexual excitement for most men; all they need is to be bombarded with visual stimuli from an attractive partner with hopes of sexual satisfaction. For most women, physical attractiveness is very important, but it’s not the primary motive for mating according to their primal instincts. According to Evolutionary Psychologist David Buss, women are less concerned with a potential husband’s visual appeal and more interested in his material resources and social status. However, when it comes to reading facial cues, body postures, breathing rates, gazes and hand gestures women are natural experts. Brain-imaging studies show that the mere act of observing or imitating another person in a particular emotional state can involuntarily activate similar brain patterns in the observer and- females are especially good at this kind of emotional mirroring. So when it comes to this week techniques, I want everyone to pay particular attention to your body’s response to the visual stimuli that you’re going to be exposed to. Pay attention to breathing rate, dilated pupils, heart rate, muscle spasms and anything else that catches your attention.  I need each of you to focus and be mindful of not only your present state of potential arousal, but  your partner’s as well.

Technique 1 Watch another couple have sex

Please this exercise requires the permission of all consensual adults! No Peeping Toms here! But the idea is to be in the presence of another couple having sex. This technique is meant to exercise the voyeurism inside and pay close attention to how you and your partner respond to such an arousing atmosphere.

Technique 2 Naked times together

This is a fun exercise! This can be performed by yourself or with a partner. However, if you’re with a partner you’re meant to be outdoors naked  taking turns touching and stroking each other bodies. But, before either of you get aroused, rate the sensation on a scale of 1-10. 1 being the “coldest” and 10 being the “hottest”. Now, be sure not to just touch the juicy spots but everywhere else as well. This is a good exercise in watching each person’s response to physical stimuli and really learning and understanding “what turns your partner on!”


Technique 3 Strip basketball

Now this is a fun teaser! In celebration of the summer time play strip basketball with your partner. This is a fun exercise to bond and feel comfortable being in your own skin. I highly recommend group strip basketball as well! Enjoy this week!!