“The Sex Sense”: Week 4 (Smell)

OK now here we are again with another week of exciting “Sex-inques”. This week I will touch on our exciting sense of Smell. Our sense of smell is an important part of our senses because it allows us to determine different foods and dangerous items being either good or hazardous to our health. It is also the only one of our senses that are directly linked to memory.  Research has shown that smell is intimately linked to parts of the brain that process emotions. The olfactory bulb (turns sensation into perception), is part of the Limbic system, which is the part of the brain that controls behavior, emotions and memory. So when it comes to sex, the sense of smell is one that triggers anticipatory desire that can sometimes go unnoticed. When you’re attracted to a potential partner; one of the first things you notice is how that person smells. However, what you’re actually smelling is that person pheromones within the skin. According to Dr. Louann Brizendine, pheromones are social chemicals that human releases in the air from their skin and sweat glands. Pheromones changes the brain perceptions, emotions and manipulate the desire for sex. Now,  the sense of smell is also linked to our sense of taste. According to the Researchers of Taste Science LLC, what we actually perceive as to what we “taste” is actually the Flavor to what we speak. Flavor is the combination of taste, smell, texture, and temperature.  So when we eat, the taste buds reacts to the odor that’s released from the food, which in turn is how we are able to identify our food.  So, when it comes to this week techniques I want you to focus on your body’s response to smell. If a smell triggers a memory and induce an emotional response, stay in that moment, feel what is meant to be felt whether it’s good or bad. If a smell doesn’t trigger a memory then create a bond and a lasting experience with your senses. The exploration of your senses is all about finding more about yourself through the experience of the pleasures you keep!

Technique 1 Never Smell and Tell

This exercise can be performed with two or more people.  Different food items must be placed on one person either laying down head first or on their back. The other person must be blind fold and they have to smell each item and guess the correct food. If the person guesses wrong then I will leave the consequences up to you!

Technique 2 Guess the Fragrance

This exercise requires two people or more. One person must guess fragrance that the other person has put on. Now, the person who is wearing the fragrance cannot say what they have on even if the other person guesses right. Because the other person must match the fragrance with an emotion or a thought that both partners must agree upon.

“The Sex Sense”: Week 3 (Taste)

Alright, now it is time to calm down, focus and savor the crusted sensation of Taste. The sense of taste is one that can be very sensitive to some people. The taste of food, wine, beer, and other beverages are simple pleasures that many of us enjoy because it is easy to distinguish are likes from dislikes. It’s a necessity to savor the sweets and reject the sour or the bitter for some people based upon your preference of taste. According to Barbara Liang, author of Wisc-Online.com, we have about 10,000 taste buds, with each bud containing about 100 taste cells. The outer ends of the cells has microvilli, or taste hair, which are a  sensitive part of the taste cells. Chemicals received by the taste hair triggers the stimulation of the taste cells that send impulses on a nerve fiber that travels to the brain.

Our sense of taste are derived from our primary sensations of sweet, sour, salty and bitter. The responsiveness to each sensation are located on varies parts of the tongue. The response of sweets are usually more apparent at the tip of the tongue, sourness is more pronounced at the margins of the tongue, saltines is throughout the tongue and bitterness is at the end of the tongue. So when it comes to sex, some of us are not only aroused by the sight, sound, touch and smell of our partner, but the taste as well and it starts with a Kiss. According to Dr. Louann Brizendine, author of The Male Brain, a kiss is more than just a kiss; its a taste test.  The saliva hold molecules from all the glands and organs in the body, making a French kiss serve as our “Signature flavor.”French kissing collects and send information about each partner’s health and genes directly to the brain. If the genes are to similar, then the kiss would taste sour and could end up terminating or creating an unsatisfactory sexual experience. And if the genes are opposite, then the kiss would taste sweet or to your liking. Scientists have discovered that there are plenty of bio-active testosterone in men’s saliva. It is enough that may activate the sexual-arousal center in the female brain. So, when it comes to this week’s techniques, focus on the taste of your partner among other treats! Savor the flavor of everything or everyone your mouth touches and have fun rediscovering the sensations.

Technique 1 Sweet Marks The Spot!

This an exercise meant for two people or more. You would start out with each person writing down a food item (that is presently on hand) paired with a body part. Then, put each slip of paper is put in a bowl or container and each person take turns drawing each slip of paper out of the bowl and performing the activity on hand. When the food item is on the body part be sure to describe the taste and be amazed at the difference in taste of each person.

Technique 2 Pin The Mouth On The?

This is meant for three people or more. This exercise is structure and performed just like pin the tail on the donkey, but instead of using a donkey it will be a naked person and instead of using “the tail” you’ll use your mouth. But, where you will put your mouth is determined by the slips of paper that each member will put in a container with a different body part. The “donkey” will have different food items on the body part that corresponds to the slips of paper and the other person have find the body part and disclose which food item it contains.

Please keep the responses on each technique coming! I really appreciate everyone sharing their stories!