Soma Touch

Masturbation is self-stimulation for sexual pleasure. Every part of the body can be stimulated, but usually the focus is on the genitals. Masturbation usually, but not always leads to orgasm. Now, there are no “right ways” or “wrong ways” to masturbate! Masturbation is not limited to genital jacking or jilling off, but can include the whole body. Some people find ways to masturbate and orgasm without fondling their genitals manually such as:

1. Squeezing the legs together.

2 Kegel exercises

3 Rubbing the pelvis against a pillow, bed, or the floor while on their stomach.

4 Running a stream of water over the genitals

5 Fantasizing

6. Caressing other places on the body: ears, nipples, thighs, etc.

7. Wearing tight pants, riding motorcycles, bicycles, or horses. Use your imagination!


According to the Kinsey Study, 90% of men interviewed masturbated to orgasm in four minutes or less. 40% of women interviewed masturbated. 70% of these women reached orgasm in 3 to 5 minutes.

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