Mastubation Exercise

Majority of those who masturbate are pretty routine on their form and methods for getting off. So, maybe it’s time to switch it up a bit! The more we learn to vary the stimuli, the more possibilities are open to us to increase our pleasure. During this exercise try to find at least ONE new way to masturbate enjoyably. Experiment with many of the following suggestions as you can during your daily hour. Now the GOAL is to create a new sensation, but not to orgasm! If you orgasm, fine, but it’s okay if the new experience doesn’t cause an orgasm. The purpose of this exercise is to make yourself aware of the different atmospheres, situations and objects that proved to be pleasurable. It’s about knowing and understanding yourself more as a sexual being and becoming mindful of the other stimuli that can arouse the beast inside!  Who’s up for the challenge???!

1. Try a different place; a different room, outside in a private location, a rocking chair, the shower, the floor, etc.

2 Make at least one change in the environment of your space: lights lower, lights higher, colored lights, different music, different scents, a mirror, a picture.

3. Change the time of day: morning, during the day, after lunch, before a date, before an important meeting or test.

4. Change from the hand you usually use, use both hands.

5. Change body positions. Try sitting, standing, kneeling, legs apart, legs together, on your stomach, on your back, on your side, with your buttocks propped up on a pillow, sitting in the lotus position.

6. Change to a different fantasy, if you have fantasies.

7. Experiment with other things besides your hands and fingers: vibrator, running water, a piece of fur, a silk scarf, leather, a feather, textured objects.

8. Try a different kind of lubrication, oil, creme, saliva, etc.



Now if anyone has any other questions or other techniques and topics you want me to talk about don’t hesitate and just ask!!!

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