Performance Coitus?

I know I sound very weird for saying this, but ejaculation during sex is so over rated! Now before you decide to stop reading this Please Listen and Hear Me Out! Society and the American culture puts so much emphasizes on  men to perform that they lose out on the beauty of just being in the moment. I mean actually focusing their awareness on the breath, the smell, taking in the atmosphere, feeling how good he/she feels to you at that particular moment. Understanding that there is no one else in this world that matter right now, but your partner. It’s important to feel the connection that is established at that moment of impact. Imprint his/her smell, touch, body, aroma, sight, taste and sound and I guarantee whether you ejaculate or not it will go unnoticed…


Men are taught to rigidly conform to cultural myths and have lots of guilt and negative feelings if they don’t hold up their end, especially if their  sexual needs differ from the culturally accepted norms. If they have difficulty in achieving the standards of maleness they are told to remain silent and bear the load. The limits imposed by these standards inhibit men from exploring and fulfilling the total range of sexual options.

Some men have difficulties just learning how to receive because they are so use to performing just to get  results. There is a growing awareness in our culture today that men are seeking to discover their uniqueness as being male. We are beginning to see both men and women redefining their relationship, each to the other. This will require a lot of healing of wounds inflicted by self on self and on the other. So here are some FUN SUGGESTIONS!!! to increase your options and enjoy being in the moment!

1. Receive strokes. Explain to your partner how you want to be touched.

2. Share feelings. Ask your partner to share with you.

3. Masturbate freely; be your own lover at least once a week.

4. Have sex only when YOU want it.

5. Seek the kinds of sexual experiences you want.

6. Learn how to play with your sexual response cycle. Imagine how you would like something you’ve never tried.

7. Learn to say YES.

8. Learn to say NO.

9. Talk about sex with your partner.

10. Pamper yourself.

11. Touch yourself all over.

12. Take a long hot bath for pleasure after you shower for cleanliness.

13. Stroke your body with velvet, feathers, leather, anything you wish.

14. Touch your partner’s body for your own pleasure.

15. Have a sexual experience with your partner without having sex.

16. Lick.

17. Breath.

18. Look at your body, all over, in the mirror.

19. Look at your partner’s body.



Let me know how it goes!!

Please let me know if any of these suggestions worked for you!

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