Ego: The Best, My One and Only

Now this particular topic is a favorite of mine because I struggle with recognizing the cue’s of the Ego coming out in both my male and female counterparts. Now as everyone may know that the Ego is more widely associated with men, but women have pretty strong Ego’s as well. Now, some of you may wonder exactly what is the Ego? Well, in a relationship sense men and women want to feel like they are THE BEST and your ONE and ONLY.  Now looking at that statement logically does anyone see a problem with this?? Well, I do! First of all, it’s really hard to nearly impossible to have every sexual encounter be THE BEST and they are  7 billion people that inhabits the Earth. Some of whom you may call yours friends, work buddies, associates, secret admires, etc. So there’s no way one person can be your ONE and Only.

We all depend on one another for the good and services that we provide to ensure our survival for the next generation. We need other people to help us during break ups, deaths, assaults, thefts, etc. We also need people to celebrate and cheer with us for weddings, wanted pregnancies, job promotions, buying a new house, etc. During these tragic and invite-full events we get close, we fall apart, we become enemies, we fall in love. Who really is to blame for being human and having emotions that ties us together and build us up. Therefore, your Ego is nothing more, but an illusion of the Self and how you want and think you are view by others. Your Ego creates an impairment of reality because when you view the world you see your past, you see how others have treated you, you see the small part you play in this world and you see a lack of instead of what is.

Embracing authentic love is very difficult to do when you have a very active Ego. Your Ego fears realness and true compassion because it feels that your going to disappear and not be special anymore. It feels that without it you will be lost and have no identity and no one will care… But that’s not true because when you are around those special people or that special person you catch a glimpse of true reality when you can only see just them…

No thoughts, no beliefs, no perceptions, just embracing the energy that’s surrounding the atmosphere and that’s when you feel the window to your inner Essence.

2 comments on “Ego: The Best, My One and Only

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