Bisexuality: Either all or Nothing (Part 1)

This subject matter is very controversial in the eyes of those who struggles with how they would correctly identify their sexual orientation. Heterosexual and homosexual orientations are clearly defined once they have been properly identified and accepted by each individual. However, when it comes to bisexuality the lines are very grey and still taboo to how one can come to the conclusion that they are bisexual. Now whether you are hetero, homo or bi it is defined as either male or female having interpersonal interest (with their male/and or female counterparts) emotionally, psychologically, socially and sexually, whether or not these interests are expressed overtly. Now for the longest people have picked apart this definition in order to degrade, punish, manipulate, exploit and confusion who they really as a sexual being. Many people have beliefs that if an individual has any type of attraction to some one of the same sex they are classified as homosexual/ and or bi. Now clearly from that definition alone there must be more clarification in order to identify.

According to Alfred Kinsey, in his book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, found that 37% of American males have at least one homosexual experience to orgasm after the age of puberty, while another 13% have homosexual urges, but do not act on them. Now that adds up to 50%. The Kinsey statistics have also indicated that, in any given 3 year period, 30% of the males in this country have incidental homosexual experience, 25% have more than incidental homosexual experience, 18% have as much homosexual as heterosexual experience, 10% are more or less exclusively homosexual, and 8% are exclusively homosexual. 4% of the men in this country, their findings showed, are exclusively homosexual throughout their lives. These statistics alone show the struggles we deal with in order to find out who we are due to social conditioning of the American culture. However, these statistics also brings up another controversial idea that have been suggested and speculated by many of the earliest Sexologist, which is the idea that we are all naturally bisexual. Many of the earliest Sexologist believe that if we were not afraid of our own bodies and other people’s bodies, and not intimidated by our prior conditioning, we would all be naturally bisexual. This is why it is easy to imagine some people choosing to be homosexual and some choosing to be heterosexual on the basis of individual preference developed through experience rather than through conditioning. Think about it. We naturally have relationships with both males and females on any given day.  We exchange emotional, psychological and social explorations with all of our friends and natural day to day interactions with other people. The only difference being those who we are sexually attracted to, but we are constantly exchanging thoughts and emotions with everyone who we have a connection with. Therefore, bisexuality is really an expression of one’s true nature and one’s connection with other people. Bisexuals are attracted to “people” not necessarily to penises or clitorises; their style of life implies that people can love and enjoy other people without owning and imprisoning them.

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