Bisexuality: Either all or Nothing (Part 2)

I have received a lot of conflicting feedback from Part 1 of this article. Apparently, I have struck a nerve with this thought provoking information. As an educator I am thrilled to know that everyone is taking there stand on this topic, while still being open minded enough to hear what I have to say. However, I do not believe I have effectively clarified the point of view of was trying to make. Some viewers thought I was trying to make my opinion on the Nature vs Nurture aspect of our sexual orientation. Advocating that our orientations are merely shaped by our social conditioning and inherited culture. On the contrary, in fact, the Nature vs Nurture debate was not on the forefront of this topic, but it does hold a lot of president over how we see the world through our eyes. However, the point of view of was making is simply this: What if the majority of people living in this world are naturally bisexual? Now the reason why I pose such a bold question and interesting point of view is going back to the Kinsey Study ( known as The Kinsey Scale) I illustrated in Part 1.

Remember, according to the statistic only 8% of males are exclusively homosexual and only 4% of males in this country are exclusively homosexual throughout their lives. That means the majority of men encountered both incidental and more than incidental homosexual situations and vice versa. Now the same can be said about females as well. According to Researchers, lesbians only make up roughly 10% of the female population.  Now think about this, have you ever noticed when some people reveal their anecdotal experience of how they became aware of their homosexual nature they nearly always started out in a heterosexual relationship? Now with some people the only thing that tipped the scale was encountering an individual that induced the feeling of wholeness and oneness within themselves and each other that they never experienced with their heterosexual mates. Bottom line is biologically, the majority of us are prone to being attracted to the same and/or opposite sex, but it’s the connections we make, the feelings we induce and the love that we share that can reshape a person’s sexuality.

The Kinsey Scale

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